About us

We have been selling business databases, essential information and business solutions since 2004. Within those years we have gained the trust of over 4000 customers (our clients, our references) from both Poland and abroad. Our customer base includes a wide range of companies – from micro-enterprises up to international concerns.Our experience enables us to obtain commonly unavailable information. We possess a database of 1.7 million contacts which makes it possible to plan any advertising campaign and to establish relationship with the chosen business entities. We share our knowledge so that the delivered data can be used optimally.

Our mission::
Our main aim is to enable and facilitate the companies and institutions to establish relationship with customers and business partners. We achieve this goal by:

  • Delivering business information and the know-how and services which are essential by using this knowledge,
  • Consulting service in the field of partner selection and solutions which make the cooperation between companies easier.

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